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  • Dr. Evan Hill

Caught with Your Pants Down

“The journey of 1000 miles starts with the first step” ~ Gandhi

We have to get something straight, right from the get go.

Men go into Dadhood having no real idea what is going to hit them. In other words, men are winging Dadhood. Full stop.

I sometimes think we are not told as men what is coming with Dadhood to not ruin our blissful ignorance. Dads are unconscious to what's required in all areas of Dadhood to flourish at it.

The problem with being unconsciously incompetent when diving into a new venture is the lessons can hit us often and hard like a two-by-four across the face. We can become conscious of our incompetence at that point, but it’s too late for us to prepare ahead of time. We are in it already. Preparation breeds success. We don’t just jump into an Ironman race (4km swim, 180km bike ride, and then a marathon run) without preparation and expect to succeed. Why would we do the same with Dadhood?

I remember being so excited to graduate from Chiropractic college and start a Chiropractic practice. I was unconscious to what it was going to take to build a successful Chiropractic business. The lessons were hard and lasted for years. I would have lessened some major blows and been more successful had I been better prepared for the realities of growing a business. No one gave it to me in real terms.

Dadhood is infinitely more complex and challenging than opening a Chiropractic business. In fact, that business experience falls within just one pillar of the P6 of Dadhood which we call Providing. It is minuscule in comparison to the big picture of Dadhood.

For those reading this that are thinking Dadhood is all about parenting, it isn’t. In the upcoming blogs posts we will expand on what Dadhood encompasses, but for now, the point is, Dadhood encompases way more than any man could imagine and it’s better to prepare for the upcoming stages of Dadhood regardless of where you are along the timeline.

Additionally, Dadhood goes on for way longer than many Dads think. I’ve heard Dads say things like, “Oh, my kids are all grown up,” as though it is over. It isn’t over. Dadhood doesn’t end, ever. Even after you die, it lives on with your legacy. What do you want to leave behind?

I hope this shakes you a bit and you are sitting up a little straighter and focusing a little bit more. Because you should be.

Dadhood is the greatest responsibility you will have in your lifetime.

Dadhood can be an incredible experience or it can snap you in half like a twig.

Nothing compares to the responsibility and nothing will come even close to its level of difficulty.

Some men will argue that what they do in their career is their greatest responsibility. Well you, my friend, are in for many hard and frequent lessons.

One caution to all Dads. No matter who you are, you are going to get caught with your pants down, and I don’t mean in the bedroom with your partner! I mean you are going to be exposed, your weaknesses will be taken out of that dark corner in your life and have a spotlight shone on them. And it won’t happen once. You are going to find yourself in some pretty tough spots. Things will happen you couldn’t ever prepare for specifically. Things that can break men. The foundation you are going to build with Daddius will help you weather those storms. We can’t avoid the storms, they are going to happen, but you can weather them better if prepared.

If you are reading this and saying, I’m not feeling very encouraged or supported as a Dad right now, please don’t feel that way. Being supported doesn’t mean being coddled. Coddling you right now doesn’t serve you. Letting you be unconscious to the truth doesn’t serve you. Waking you up is just the beginning.

A man who is not awake and shaken a bit won’t change a thing. Giving you information before you are awake is pointless.

Are you ready to learn how to be Daddius STRONG!

Go to the resources at and get started.

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